Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spinning, Charity Blankets & a Smiley Boy

Hi all this is my latest spinning, it's an English Leicester X fleece which I washed a few months ago and it's been sitting in a tub ready to prepare to spin. As you can see it has a lovely long staple and the color ranges from white to a beautiful silvery grey, very pretty.

About six months ago (or more) I volunteered to help with stitching up blankets for the bushfire victims from last years Black Saturday, who lost everything. I was given a bag of knitted squares and some yarn and it was up to me what I did with it.

Well, I've never stitched up or crocheted together knitted squares before. I'm mostly a crocheter, so this was quite a task for me. And I have to add that I didn't enjoy it very much either.

Don't get me wrong, I do loads of craftwork for charity. Not long after the bushfires I donated loads of blankets, hats, scarves, ponchos and more. It gives me a lot of pleasure to know that my craft is going to someone who needs it and will be useful to them.

The problem was, there were so many different sizes in the bag of squares, and there were even a few rectangles thrown in too. So I had two problems, how to get the knit fabric together nicely AND try and put uneven shapes together too! AND some were knit from point to point as well! Aaaarrrgh!!

A number of times I laid those squares and rectangles out on the floor and tried to put them together but they just would not work out unless I could crochet a few more rows around some of the shapes, but then I had the risk they'd come out too big!

In the end I knew my limitations, so I just put together what I could, crocheting them together in a simple single crochet in a few different colors. And then I added a couple of rows of fun fur around the edges to give the dull colors in the blankets a bit of a lift. It's most likely these two blankets will go to some kids as one is a single bed size and the other a cot size, and most kids love the feel of fun fur, so it just adds that little bit of cuddliness to the blankets.

As for the pile of leftover squares? They all went back in the bag to go back to the lady who has organised all this and they'll mostly likely be added to some other blankets.

Lesson learned: MAKE SURE when I offer to stitch together blankets ever again that insist I do CROCHET ONLY!!

Here's a couple of pics of my boy modelling his new shorts, shoes and socks, as you can see he's a very happy boy!

He ran off with one of my charity hats as he "loves the rainbow colors!"

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