Sunday, January 10, 2010

Zuchini Slice

The other day I was out shopping and spotted some very cheap zuchini's, so I bought a kilo and a half. The next day I got out my recipe folder and set to work. I made the first zuchini slice with some sliced cherry tomatoes from our garden sliced over the top. Yum!!

I made a second batch of zuchini slice to which I also added a couple of grated carrots, and these two were sliced up and put in the freezer for a night when I don't feel like cooking.

Whenever I cook something, whether I'm baking or cooking dinner, I always try and think about whether I can double-up or triple-up the cooking amount so I can freeze some up for another night or two.

Even something as simple as cooking up a double lot of mince and onion when making a spaghetti bolognese can be a great help. I can freeze the extra cooked mince and onion and use it for a number of other meals, for example I used a batch of this just last week when I threw this and a heap of veggies into the crockpot for the day. Just add some water and a packet of chicken noodle soup and dinner was ready when we got home, Easy peasy!!

It really takes no extra time or power to make double batches of things, you should try it!!

The Beginnings

Hi all, I'm starting this blog over here on blogger because I seem to be missing out on comments of many who are on blogger, because they can't comment on my other blog on Multiply without opening a Multiply account.

So here I am! This blog will be about my life as a mum of two autistic sons, one aged 12 and the other is 4. I also have a 14 (going on 25) year old daughter. I'm a lover of crochet and addicted to spinning. I have also discovered that I 'can' do a bit of art too, particularly zentangles.

My crafts are my sanity. I also love to bake (but hate cooking dinner) and I love my veggie garden (but hate weeding).

I breed guinea pigs and at present all 7 mama's have had babies over Christmas so we've got about 30 pigs at present, all SO cute!!

One of my other loves (and obsessions) is how to make do, stretch things, make things from scratch and generally live more for less. Currently there is a de-clutter going on at my house which you may see photos of soon.

I hope you enjoy reading about our life. xxx