Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Animal Spirit Guides..... Are they true??

Hi all, I haven't been here for a little while as I've had some issues with the kids, which thankfully are settling down. My decluttering has come to a halt but school holidays start on Friday so I'm looking forward to getting back into it during that time.

I have been doing a fair bit of spinning as I find it very soothing, the continual turning of the wheel seems like a kind of emotional hug, if that makes any sense and is exactly what I've needed at the moment.

I keep looking at all my handspun yarn and wondering what on earth I'm going to do with it all....... I love doing the spinning, but then most of the handspun yarn just seems to sit and not actually be made into anything. I'm more of a spinner than a maker! Hmmmm......

I've been struggling with my books. I'm definitely a book addict and although I took a pile of books to the Op Shop last week, I have also bought Astrology, Tarot and Decluttering books, so really I'm no better off.

My interest in Astrology and Tarot has fired up again after a break of a few years and I've been having fun downloading free programs on the internet and searching for a decent correspondence course in both. No luck so far. I need courses that I can do at my own pace and fit in around my kids.....

A few weeks ago I started a Thursday night course in Psychic Development. The first week we did Palmistry and spent a very interesting evening looking at each others hands and studying the lines. I really enjoyed it.

The second week we did Animal Spirit Guides. Now I know nothing about this topic except that they're sort of like your angels standing by you. Well the teacher went on to say what animal/s were nearby each student and then had us stand opposite each other in pairs and 'intuitively' see if we could 'see' what animal/s were around the person we were looking at.

Well I felt really stupid and silly as my rational mind was telling me this was a crock of shit!! However I consider myself open-minded and was willing to give it a go, so I did.

Then I sat down, the girl I was paired with seemed disappointed that I didn't want to stand there for ages looking at all 'her animals' and discussing it.

The teacher never gave any background about how/why these supposed 'animals' are there around us and watching over us. I had no idea what it was all about and I felt quite silly all through the class. When I left I didn't ever want to go back and felt very disappointed.

The next week I had planned to go back but just ended up wandering around the shops instead, I don't even know what the topic was.

I think the problem is for me, is that the teacher didn't explain what all that stuff is about. Plus when she was saying that some of the people in the class had multiple animals around them, and the teacher herself has "13 animals around her and that things can get pretty noisy sometimes," it was just a bit much.

All the other women in the class have done classes at the shop except me. Now I've done lots of reading on all sorts of New Age topics, but not this one, and the teacher knew that. I feel that there should have been more explanantion about what all this is. BUT I also have a strong gut feeling that yes animal guides may exist, yes I don't have a problem with that, but when someone is telling me that they have 13 animals following them around, I'm being taken for a ride..... what do you think??