Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Art Journal Mixed Media Tutorial LOVE

My First Art Swap

Hi all, this is just a quickie. I am so excited and wanted to tell you all that I'm just about to be in my first ever art swap. iHanna (google her, she's amazing!) has organized a postcard swap for this year. She had one last year and it involves signing up to make 10 art postcards. You recieve 10 addresses anywhere around the world and you send a postcard to each of those people and you get 10 postcards in return. Woohoo! Sounds like loads of fun.

I'm ready to start and am just waiting to hear back if they have to be a particular size, which I don't think they do. I have paints, paper, glue, stamps, and loads of imagination ready to get started.

We went away for the week up to Warburton last week for five days and it was just divine. We were out on a country drive the weekend before on the Sunday, and I just walked into the Caravan Park and booked a cabin for five days right near the water. In fact we were about 6 feet from the edge of the Yarra River and it was divine.

So I have lots to tell but not right now. It's kindie day and while I have some time out I'm going to get a few things done while it's quiet around here.

I have my Carer come tonight to look after the boys so I may be back then with another blog post, we'll see.

Oh, I hope you've been enjoying the wonderful YouTube video's I've been finding when I browse, over my coffee. Aren't there some talented people out there? Just HAD to share them!

See ya xxx

Easy Peasy Faces

Mixed Media Painting - Mermaid

Sunday, March 20, 2011

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