Friday, November 12, 2010

A Busy Week

Hi all, I'm GLAD it's the weekend, there's nothing like that thank-god-there's-no-alarm feeling when you can sleep as long as the kids will let you!

While I had the blogging issues, I've been taking some photos I wanted to share. Firstly, here's a chocolate cake I made a few weeks ago then threw in the freezer. We had it last week and I had some leftover cream, (trying very hard to make sure I use up ALL those leftovers as that's where money goes down the drain) added icing and sprinkles and wahlah! Lots of lip smacking goodness at our place!

Last Saturday I went to our local stitch n bitch and not long before we left to come home it started to rain, and I MEAN RAIN!!!! It bucketed down and this is what we saw on the way home. This is a bike track not far from our house which is normally dry. The water was nearly up to the road and would have been 4 - 6 feet deep in some areas. It was flowing incredibly fast. It was a good opportunity to chat with my boys about the dangers of this sort of water if they're ever out with their friends and this sort of rain happens again.

These photos were taken on two different roads.

The other weekend my friend and I took the boys to see our horse Harley. They both enjoyed having a ride and a cuddle.

Last weekend I did a pile of baking: 2 x sour cream cakes to use up a tub of sour cream, 2 x banana and sultana cakes to use up some near black bananas and a double batch of chocolate chip cookies. This has covered lunchbox snacks and after school snacks and two more cakes left in the freezer.

I made a big batch of fried rice this week to use up some leftover sausages and what was expected to last two meals was eaten in one, that's what happens with teenage boys!!

Toby had the 'cops' come to Preschool for a visit this week and that has been the highlight of his week. All the kids were allowed free access to the inside of the police car to press all the buttons and make the light and sirens go on, what a happy bunch they were!

For me this week was a mass of appointments and I'm very glad the week is done! xxx

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