Saturday, November 6, 2010

Computer Issues... AaaaaRRGH!!

Hi all, well I've had blog issues and kid issues and other issues and thank goodness they are all over and done with and I am back! Phew!!

Firstly, my lovely laptop caught the most dreadful virus, I've never had an issue like that before and it was quite frightening when this virus was telling me I had trojans everywhere, and other things were going to take ALL my passwords through my system and go into my bank accounts and all sorts, yes I was panicking and rushed my laptop down to the computer shop.

I was without internet for a few days while my trusty computer tech sorted out what was going on. I've been going to the same guy for years, he's a friend and always done reliable work. Well, I got my laptop back, plugged her back in and BANG!!! Up came the dreaded virus again!! AAARRRGH!!

So back I went! He was shocked, and I've left her with him for a complete wipe out and re-install. He has another three computers with him at the moment with the same virus and he said it's a ripper.

The thought of being offline for another few days AND those days being the weekend, almost made me tic and shake and...... well you get the idea. I don't have much of a social life with special needs kids, so the internet is sort of a lifeline for me to online friends and the outer world. So my boys and I went out last night browsing at secondhand laptops, I was hoping to fluke a bargain, but there was nothing that grabbed my interest except one, and it had cord issues. Where the cord plugs in wasn't working too well so I quickly side-stepped that one and continued on my way. I don't need another computer with issues!!

Anyway we browsed a number of computer shops and there was nothing, until we came across a new shop that we hadn't been in before. Straight away I found a little ebook, it's a brand new netbook and I've long been thinking about getting a netbook for taking out when I take the boys to playcentres as there's usually free Wi fi.

It was right in my price range and had all the bits and pieces that I wanted, plus it's BRAND NEW!! I've NEVER had a brand new computer before, I've always gotten refurbished as I couldn't see the sense in spending hundreds more for exactly the same thing, and I've never had any issues with them.

So I bought this little ebook and late last night I got her all unpacked and connected up and then I couldn't get my internet going..... aargh!! BUT..... a quick call to my service provider and it was just a case of disconnecting the power cord to the modem for a few seconds and plugging it back in and I was online!! Woohoo!! It just needed that little bit of help to tell the modem to recognize another computer, easy peasy!!

So here I am, back online a happy chappy! xx

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