Friday, November 12, 2010

Country Cotton Shawl

Hi all, I'm rather proud of this shawl I crocheted a couple of months ago. The pattern is the Country Cotton Shawl, free on Ravelry, and I've made a few of them now. The others were in store bought yarn, this is the first in my handspun yarn.

The yarns are all my own handspun. All the different colors are different fleeces from different sheep and I did the whole processing: sorting, washing, drying, and then flick carding, myself. Then I spun it into various 2-ply yarns.

I'm pleased with the effect the colors have given as I wanted the gradual grading of colors and it's worked very successfully. I absolutely adore colored fleeces and especially those that have more than one color in the one fleece, unfortunately those ones are a bit harder to get.

It's fun to look at the colors in this shawl and remember all the different fleeces. This shawl is quite heavy and will be lovely and warm in winter.

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