Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Day at Home

Hi all, here's DS12's newest creation. DS4 is having a blast being hauled up and down the road on it!

And here's Mr Robot....

And here's what I made this afternoon for snacks for the next couple of days, if they last that long! There was a few dozen so I put some in the freezer for another time. These are really yummy, the recipe is from the '$21 Challenge' book, just simple cheese scones, and I have added bacon pieces and a ton of chopped onion, yummo!!

Today was just a quiet pottering around at home day, I got completely caught up on the washing which was nice, and tomorrow there'll be a ton of folding and putting away.... bleck!

It was nice to not spend ANY money today! This week I went through a fair bit of money on extras: box of nappies $27, DS12's school camp $320, yarn to finish charity blankets $30, meds $40.

You're probably wondering WHY I bought more yarn to finish charity blankets that I'm making to USE UP my yarn stash?? Well I needed some plain 8 ply acrylic yarns to go in between all the novelty yarns. I'm also half way through making a baby blanket too which needed yarn to finish it off. With what I bought this week it should be enough to completely finish off all the blankets, yay!!

Seeya xxx

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