Monday, May 17, 2010

The Daily Grind

Hi all, we went to a play centre in a different suburb quite a way away from where we live, a week or so ago and the boys had a blast! Being a school day there weren't very many kids there which I kinda like, as with my two boys being autistic, social skills aren't always understood and other parents can be quite a pain.

The other week M went outside very early in the morning to do something, he came running back in and asked for the camera as there was an amazing sunrise and he wanted to snap a picture. He did really well I reckon! Aren't they gorgeous pics??

What is it with cats and boxes?? Here's Muffin IN the box.....

And Keisha ON the box!! 

On this night when I found Keisha ON the box, I was deeply absorbed watching something on tv. Well I kept hearing this popping sound. The kids had already been in bed for quite a while but I thought it was M, so I called out and asked "Is that you M?" No answer.

In the end it got the better of me. This is what I found. We'd had pizza for dinner as a treat that night and Keisha decided that SHE wanted the box! The popping sound I heard was her clawing the box as cats do, to make it comfy.

Now I'm one of those cat owners who do NOT like their cats on any food benches, but I have to admit I did have a laugh, took the photo, and then she was heaved off onto the floor. And yes, she smelled like pizza!!

And here is "booby boy!!" The two boys were playing with balloons and then the giggles started.....

I do love their sense of humor!! xxx

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