Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Struggled With the Books.....

Hi all, well yesterday I spent the day de-cluttering like a crazy woman, this time it was under my bed and on top of my wardrobe. Everything got pulled out, sorted, and either put in piles near the front door for the Op Shop or repacked and put away. This is what my bedroom looked like for a while. Aaaargh!

As I was sorting through things, I came across my old nightclubbing clothes and smiled as I remembered lots of fun memories out with my girlfriends. Then I saw my boots, THOSE boots!! I really loved wearing those boots and they were a blast to dance in. I have a pair in white and another pair of black boots with tassels all down the sides, and pointy toes.

Well, T saw these white boots and wanted to wear them. I told him he wouldn't be able to manage as they're so high and a pointy heel, but NO, he WANTED to wear them. I sort of mumbled "whatever...." and went back to what I was doing.

A few minutes later a little voice said "Mummeeeeeeee???" And I put my head into the hallway....... What a fabulous camera moment!! He was stoked!!

After the bedroom stuff was done I went out to the garage, I needed to sort through a ton of books. I have to admit I'm a bit of a book whore, BUT I really need to change that as I could start my own library. Books are heavy and I really DON'T want to lug heaps of boxes of books when we move, books are damn heavy!!

I'd already sorted through a 6ft high by 3ft wide bookshelf full of books a few days ago and put the ones I wanted to keep into two tubs. That was one of the bookshelves that went out the front for hard rubbish pickup.

So, in the garage I had three 55 litre tubs jam packed with books, mostly craft books. These books were packed away and put out in the garage about six months ago and I haven't even missed them! These are books that I thought I could never live without!

Anyway, I thought about it and realised that between the local libraries and the internet, especially Ravelry, I really could cull my book collection back a LOT and not miss anything. So I did!

This is what I started with.

And I was able to cut them back to half of one box! Woohoo!! I made sure I put the containers of books for the Op Shop straight into the car so there was NO opportunity for picking.......

I felt lighter already!

Then I sorted through some other boxes of 'stuff' I had in the garage and this is what I ended up with - FIVE EMPTY CONTAINERS!!!! Woohoo!!!

And this is what my stationwagon looked like at the end of the day! The backseat is also folded down and filled with stuff too. This morning before we left for DS12's appointment I stuffed a few more things in and quickly shut the boot before it all burst back out!

This morning it felt SOOOOO good to give all that stuff to the Op Shop. It was still a little bit hard to give away my books, BUT I have plenty more and will probably cull again before I have cut back enough.

Seeya xxx

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