Friday, April 30, 2010

Roller Skating - Lots of Laughter!!

Last weekend we went roller skating. We were given a family ticket and it had to used by the end of April. DS12 hasn't been skating in years and this was DS4's first time. My friend and his daughter came along to help the boys as I can't skate since I have a bunged up knee.

Here DS is trying to get across the rink without falling over..... see the concentration on his face!

Here he is just trying to get the hang of the skates when we first got there.

Here is DS12 (in the white t-shirt) on the railing trying to get the hang of the skates.

Here's a game that everyone played, you have a partner and one rides on the little board thingy and the other has to push. It was hysterical watching the kids trying to get their balance to get going....

And then there were these pro's....... show

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