Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just Chatter

Hi all, I wanted to share a few pics tonight, these first two are of a caterpillar and a snail that DD14 made with DS4 last night. DS4 was REALLY grouchy and I was trying to cook dinner and tidy up and check school bags and and and...... well if you're a parent you know how it is. So she amused him with the play dough. She did a pretty good job I think.

At our house I'm doing a de-clutter/get-ready-to-move-if-a-house-becomes-available-dejunk, so there's LOTS of stuff going out of our house and I'm trying reeeeeally hard not to bring stuff in!!
This is the pile that I took over to the Vietnam Vets Op Shop. I love taking stuff there as they are always SO friendly and have a chat and say thanks. When I used to donate to the Salvos I was lucky to get a grunt let alone a thank you. And then a couple of people actually had a go at me because I took my couple of boxes to the donating bins at the front door as I always had, instead of the side door! That was the end for me, I no longer donate there and will not ever again. A simple polite thanks means everything.

And the other day when DS4 and I were out and about, we came around the bend on a road a few suburbs from home and the shine was beating down on these beautiful Autumn trees. The pic doesn't show the true brightness but you get the idea. I just had to take a pic as they were so lovely!

What's your chatter today?

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