Friday, February 4, 2011

Time for Me

Hi all, I've had a lovely day today, the kids went back to school and Toby has child care on Fridays, so after a short appointment this morning, I had the whole day to myself!!! Yay!!!

After I left my appointment, I felt like a cappuccino so I went over to Zagames and got one, and a delicious cheesecake for morning tea/lunch. OMG it was just to die for!

I sat and journaled for a while and just enjoyed relaxing. Then I decided that while I had some quiet time, it would be an ideal time to get some more stuff listed on ebay. So I headed off home.

I'm wanting to move house this year, so I want to get rid of as much 'stuff' as I can so I don't have to pack and move it, unless it's something I absolutely want to keep and we really need.

A few weeks ago I sold a few things on ebay: my Horn sewing cabinet went as I don't plan to sew patchwork quilts or anything similar in the future. I've kept my sewing machine and if I want to sew I can always sew at a table or my desk.

I sold my drum carder, as I never really got into making batts. I found it a pain to use and very slow, which is not the carders fault, it's my lack of patience as well as little people's fingers and hands wanting to take a turn as well.

I also sold three or four spinning wheels, originally I had 13 wheels and I've been slowly selling them plus I gave one away to someone who wanted to learn to spin but didn't have a wheel.

Today I listed three more spinning wheels, and I have to admit they will be difficult to part with in a sense, because I really love them. BUT, when I don't have to pack them and move them, I know I will be glad. And I'll be glad when I no longer have to find a space to store them too!

I then went through my spinning books and have listed 10 books. Now I'm a bit of a book addict, so I had quite a collection of books, BUT I'm looking at getting a kindle, and one day I will have most of the books I want to read and keep on that one little piece of equipment, and overloaded piled high bookshelves will be a thing of the past for me.

When I sorted through my pattern books, knitting and crochet books, I just took them to the Op Shop. Those books are a dime a dozen and I couldn't be bothered listing a ton of those and then having them sit around the house waiting to be sold. OUT they went.

It took me all afternoon to list the 14 items, but I'm glad I got it done. Every item sold, given away, Op Shop-ed and Freecycled is one LESS thing to pack, load, transport, unload, unpack and put away.

It really amazes me that each time I start decluttering, more and more stuff goes out the door, and I don't know how I missed it the first time!

There is so much already done here, and so much more to do, but it feels so good that I am well on the way! I was talking to my friend tonight and he said, “You'll have nothing left soon!!” Yeah right!!

A few weeks ago I took down the floor to ceiling shelving in my bedroom that held my spinning/knitting/crochet stash, and I rearranged my bedroom.

It's just amazing the difference it can make when you change a room around. I've put my bed on a different wall and the whole room is much more open and airy, I love it.

And to finish up, here's a sketch I drew the other week from the art course I'm doing. I'm so thrilled since I could barely draw a stick figure before the course! 

Goodnight xoxo

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