Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Good Meal

Hi all, it's very late here but I wanted to get a blog post done before bed. I tell you these school holidays feel like they are never going to end. The kids have been off school since a week before Christmas and they go back to school this coming Friday the 4th Feb.

I'm exhausted and craving some me-time, some quiet time. The kids need their routines back and as much as I will reeeeeally miss the sleep-ins I'm ready for school to go back.

This afternoon we went to the local Zagames for dinner, they have a terrific indoor playground for the kids there, so we went early so they could play for a while before dinner.

Toby had cheese and ham pizza and chips, Mathew had calamari and chips, and I had b-b-q chicken pizza. The kids then had frog-in-a-pond (jelly with a chocolate frog and sprinkles) and a couple of glasses of fizzy drink.

They had a ball running around with dozens of other kids that were there, and I sat at the table and did some journaling and then some sketching. I've started a Mixed Media art course on Petite Dolls and am absolutely loving it, I just wish I could do more of it.

We left Zagames just on dark, and as soon as we got home we all went straight back out the door to walk Oscar (our puppy). He was pretty rapt to be getting a walk after dark I can tell you! And the boys thought it was so exciting to walk the dog in the dark with their torches!

Both boys are now snoring their little heads off and at last the heat is starting to ease a little. It was supposed to get to 40 degrees today, I don't know if it made it but by geez it was hot outside.

Tomorrow (today actually as it's very late), I don't have anything planned, but we may pop down to the local art shop as I've run out of Modge Podge and need some more.

Good night all xoxo

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