Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Washing & Decluttering Fleece

Hi all, I've been doing a lot of sorting out in my spinning stash and have decided to get a lot of it washed and spun so it won't take up so much space. I feel like I am over-run by fleece!

Some will be thrown out as I know I won't spin it and I don't want to stuff around trying to sell it, waiting for it to sell, waiting for buyers to collect and/or having to wrap it all up to post to the buyer. I have my friends trailer here and it's half full waiting for a tip run, yes I will throw out fleece if I know I won't enjoy spinning it. Life's too short.

The fleece I'm going to throw out is some really fine stuff, Merino X, I don't know what possessed me to buy it in the first place, in fact I can't even remember buying it. I loathe spinning really thin fleece that is fiddly to spin.

But when some more of my tubs are cleared out, I'll have more space to put away what I do have, and the thought of that makes me happy.

In my bedroom I have a whole wall, floor to ceiling, of 55 litre tubs. They sit on shelving for easy access and these are where I store my yarn/fleece stash, but the trouble is, I have MORE tubs scattered around the house with MORE fleece and yarn in them. It's TOO MUCH!! Way too much!

The decluttering bug has struck again and this afternoon I happily threw out another pile of papers and sorted and cleared and tidied. I now have a space where earlier today there was none.

I only wish I could make things as quickly as I want to use up my yarn! Not all of it, about half would make me happy!

Here's what I've been washing:

Both fleeces here are Finn/Border Leicester/English Leicester/Corriedale, this first one came out a lovely soft grey with a few areas of a rich dark grey, a gorgeous fleece!

This one washed up into a gorgeous white color.

Tomorrow I'll be washing some English Leicester that I think will come out a lovely caramel color. And there's also some chocolate brown Border Leicester to be washed. Washing these couple of kilos of fleece should fill up my drying racks nicely. Being full-on winter here I have to do my fleece drying inside and I have limited space, but the good thing is that our heater is running almost non-stop as it's raining and freezing cold, so it's ideal fleece drying weather inside.

Seeya xxx

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